Captains Log




Captains report  AGM march 6 2022


What an amazing couple of years we have had, battling Covid 19 and trying to keep our members safe.

Now the QR code and masks are gone we can start to get our club back up and running again with more fishing comps and social activities.

We held a junior prize giving only last year because of Covid restrictions but we thought it was far more important to recognise our juniors and they shared in a number of great prizes and trophies – big smiles all round. The seniors were notified of their prizes and asked to pick them up from the club

Our junior champion was Sam Gazzard and senior champion was Mike Escourt


Fishing has been hit and miss over the last few months but the Tuna are keeping our members busy at the moment

The skinny snapper comp was held on all weekends last November but the weather upset our plans once again. Only 1 day out of 8 was fishable

We held a kids all species comp over the school holidays, a few kids participated and received great prizes at the bbq / presentation at the end of January. Chase Kowalik was the winner

At the same time we held an open age Flathead comp with quite a few good fish being weighed in and prizes given along with the kids prizes at the end of January

Our next comp is the Frank McCann whiting comp which will run all weekend days and public holidays in April with a prizegiving and bbq on Sunday May 1 at 12 noon

Remember our fishing season runs from September to August and there are year long comps running for snapper, whiting, flathead and sharks so don’t forget to weigh in your fish, good mystery prizes are available each year even if yours is not the biggest. Keep an eye on the brag boards and try to knock off the current leader in the species. All going well we will hold a big prizegiving this year about October


We tried to arrange our third prawn & oyster lunch on Australia day this year but cancelled it as we were concerned about the Covid issues at the time

Our bar attendance has been down on prior years obviously but is slowly picking up again and we will run social functions to try and get our members back together. Plenty of notice will be given and we hope you can all make them

Friday nights are our biggest with 30 to 40 people often showing up, come on down if you’re at a loose end, finger food provided if enough members turn up.



It was with regret that Jan Menzel resigned her position as treasurer late last year after 23 years in the role but is continuing on the committee. She has done an amazing job over these years and the club presented her with a 65 inch smart tv in appreciation of her marvellous efforts. She was extremely thankful and emotional when she received the gift.  We thank her heaps for the time in the position

Jeff Searle has taken over this very important role and has done a mighty job with managing a bank change (ANZ closed in Torquay), and taking over the membership job

Mike Meade resigned as secretary and from the committee late last year and he and Carla have moved to warmer climes, Mike did a terrific job while he was on the committee and we thank him for that

Graeme Horton who has been a member for 4 years was seconded onto the committee and the Secretary position after Mike resigned. Graeme was the president of a successful bowls club in Melbourne before moving to Torquay.

I would like to thank Rob Earl, Commodore and our other committee members, Gary Bath, Graeme Horton, Nathan Kowalik, Jan Menzel, Jon Morrow, Jeff Searle and Adam Young for their great efforts, especially during these past difficult times

Onwards & upwards, let’s all get this great club moving again


Peter Sharp

Club captain



March 9 2021

What a year we have had, Covid 19 hit us in March and we had to close the club totally then had a series of open / close, partial opening etc to deal with. Fortunately we are at a point where we are almost back to normal. We will need to continue to adhere to Health Department guidelines as they change. All members are still required to sign in on the Covid sheet or the QR code on the door and in the club. The bar is open most days from 4pm for a few hours, up to 40 people enjoying Friday night drinks.

We are open for bait purchases and  the tractor has been in use for most of the year after a few months closed completely. We need to continue to sign in to the Covid Register in the tractor shed.

It meant that there were no functions this year until an enjoyable Christmas lunch on Dec 6 where Santa paid a visit to the excited kids who attended.

Keep an eye out for more functions happening soon.

We have had new honour boards made, they look great. One is a new Club Champions Board which takes over from the fish shaped boards and the other is Office bearers and Life Members as the old one had filled up. Take a look when you’re next at the club.

We have also had a GPS location board made up which is on the tractor shed door, you can check the accuracy of your GPS before you head out.

GORRC have been delayed with the sealing of the carpark by Covid ,we are still trying to get a firm date for this to happen. They have put back the signage and plastic mat to try to clear the ramp area for launching and retrieving which is good but we believe Torquay will have more visitors this year so the ramp will be very busy, we will all have to take our time and be safe and keep other beach users safe.

We are in the process of arranging a gantry and an under vehicle wash, both require approvals from local authorities so not a quick fix.


Because of the Covid interruptions we have decided to change the Fishing Calendar Year to September through to August when all main species are caught. This means that for this year only the Competition time frame goes from January 2020 to August 2021. The Brag Board and all fish weighed in will go for this time frame.

We have also decided to fish our 3 Major Competitions on specific weekends, weather permitting.

We held the Skinny Snapper Comp in November, unfortunately the weather made the first weekend unfishable and we had to have the 2 days over the next 2 weekends. We held a post Comp BBQ on the second day and had about 35 people turn up for a burger, beer and chat about the biggest ones that got away. Shane Korth took out the Comp with a 5.75kg snapper, well done.

The Frank McCann Whiting Comp will be conducted on April 17 & 18 and the Ken Wall Freshwater Comp will be held June and October. A notice in the Club outlines dates, numbers for the lodge accommodation at Bullen Merri are filling fast.

We are holding a Kids Day on April 13 and welcome all members’ kids, it will be on our beach or at Spring Creek depending on the weather.

Two ladies charters were organised which filled up quickly so shows a desire for our ladies to be involved in this great pastime.

Hodgy has decided to relinquish the position of Fishing Director after 6 years of doing a great job, thanks heaps Hodgy. The role has passed back to the Club Captain, yours truly, I’ll try to keep up his good work.

Remember to weigh in your fish so the points can go towards the Club Championship, also ensure your kids are weighing them in for the Junior Championship.

Great to see tuna being caught , hard to entice to take a lure at present but hopefully that improves soon.

Kingies have arrived in the Rip but not much here yet, the Fads have been put back out so hopefully they will produce the goods.

There are still a few snapper, whiting, squid and gummys being caught so worth a trip out.

Please check your life vests, flares, torches etc and stay safe out there.

See you on the water or at the Club

Peter Sharp

Club Captain