Fishing Competitions


Skinny Snapper Competition


This comp is fast approaching so just a reminder of the dates

It will be held on each weekend day of November, this to give the workers a chance against the retired gentlemen

So Nov 6,7,13,14,20,21,27,28.

Weigh In each comp day 4pm to 5pm or earlier if the club is open and a witness is present

Final weigh in and results announced Sunday November 28 at 5.30pm followed by BBQ

All competing anglers encouraged to come to the announcement and BBQ to catch up with old mates and meet newer members



T.A.C. FISHING COMPETITION Dates & Rules 2021/22



Ken Wall Memorial  @ Bullen Merri 22 & 23 October 2021- CANCELLED

1st weekend. Start 6pm Fri  to 6pm Sunday, dates and place advised.

All competition winners will receive a trophy and prize.  All fish weighed in, excluding the winners, will be eligible for a mystery weight prize, you must attend the  presentation night to collect the prize or a redraw will occur, for exception see rule #7




2nd weekend will have dates and place advised.

(Minimum length 32cm. Juniors = legal size. Trout, Redfin & Salmonids)


Skinny Snapper Comp: 2021/2022

Each weekend day in November 2021

(Minimum length 32cm.  Juniors legal size 28cm.)


Frank McCann  Whiting Comp: 2021/202

Each weekend day in April 2022

(Minimum length 32cm.  Juniors legal size 27cm.)


Flathead, Snapper & Whiting Comps 2021/2022 Extended to Full year

1 September 2021 to 31 August 2022

(Minimum length 32cm.  Juniors legal size 27cm.)


Major Shark Comp 2021/2022 Extended to Full year

1 September 2021 to 31 August 2022

Mako, Thresher, and Bronze Whaler only.

(Minimum length 60cm back gill to tail base. Juniors legal size 45cm.

Must be  gutted, head on is OK)


Combined Gummy & School Shark Comp: 2021/2022 Extended Dates

1 September 2021 to 31 August 2022

(Minimum length 60cm back gill to tail base. Juniors legal size 45cm.

Must be gutted, head on is OK)


Special one off Comps maybe announced during the year via email and facebook. Not counted in Club Champs


Club Championship: for 2021/22

Senior Champion is calculated by points gained in each major competition, plus 10 points for senior brag board fish of each competition species. Note:If the brag board fish is also a competition winning fish it can’t be counted twice.

The 10 heaviest fish in each competition will be awarded points. 10 for heaviest, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Only ONE fish per competitor, per competition, will be counted.

Five points will be given to each non competition species from the brag board.

All points will be tallied to calculate the winner.

Junior Champion is calculated by 5 points per junior brag board fish plus any competition points gained.

Senior & Junior Champions will be awarded at club presentation  2022


Rules for Competition Awards and Brag Board recognition: (See special note for Tuna brag board)

  1. Competitors must be amateur fishermen & current full financial TAC fishing status members.
  2. Competitions start as per schedule above and conclude at 6pm on designated days.
  3. Competition fish must be taken by rod and reel or hand line & comply with minimum lengths as listed above.
  4. Competition competitors must launch and retrieve boats from ramps as listed below.
  5. Competition fish are to be witnessed by an adult club member & must be weighed on clubroom scales, except for

away comps that will be weighed on TAC scales held by an appointed club member.

  1. Competitors must abide by Victorian recreational Fishing and Marine safety rules and guidelines.
  2. Mystery prize winners need to attend presentation night to receive their prize, if not, a redraw will occur.

Only those who enter a formal appology will be excluded from the non attendance rule.

You can only win one mystery prize per year, if you are drawn out more than once a redraw will occur.

  1. Rules, dates and conditions may change during the year.
  2. Decisions of the TAC Fishing Committee will be final.


Offshore Comps – Launching from Surf Coast Shire ramps, beaches and Barwon River. See rule #5 for weighing requirements.

Freshwater Comps – Designated areas will be announced with each comp. See rule #5 for weighing requirements.

Freshwater for Brag board – All areas are acceptable, but all fish must weighed and sighted at TAC club by another club member.

Surf Fishing for Brag board – Anywhere in the boundaries of the Surf Coast Shire but fish to be weighed & sighted at TAC club.

EstuaryFishing for Brag board – Barwon Estuary, Thomson Creek, Spring Creek, Anglesea River. Fish weighed & sighted at TAC club.

Special note : Tuna for Brag board. All Victorian ramps are acceptable. Tuna not weighed at the Torquay club rooms can be submitted

via a photo showing the tuna’s weight with the TAC club member visible. The tuna must be weighed on a certified club’s scales.